October day to day.

^she has been such an angel at all of my Dr appointments.
^^visiting grandma's house & waiting for Mal to get home. on her bed. :)
^^walking Cory & McCall's new puppy Otis. She kept saying "i got a dog!"
^^this picture kills me. this is Bri's water bottle that he keeps by his bed. She loves to drink out of it and insisted that she sleep with it during nap time. She kept telling me over and over that it was "dad's. This lasted for a few days. Poor girl misses her dad. 
supporting Morg at her last XC meet.
that arm fold was killing me.
^we have a park in our neighborhood, which means lots of park dates!
^^Sunday evening walk in Heber.
^my best helper.
^^she is usually so good at church. but this sunday we spent basically the whole time out in the hall. it was one for the books, and i was NOT amused. thankfully bri took over shortly after this.
^she loves her stool.
^^headed to the park. pretty soon i'll be pushing two babies in a double stroller!
^^her favorite thing about any park/play place that we go to is just going up and down the stairs. 
^^i love doing her hair everyday. even though she doesn't have much. :)
^^so fancy.
^^post grocery store treat.
^^she loves wearing gloves. & posing like a crazy.
^^books with grandma Lisa!
^and so it begins.
^^helping dad set up baby sisters changing table!
^love that concentrated look.
^^walking out of church. she's happy because she didn't have to go to nursery (she hates it) thanks to it being stake conference! 
^^i love breakfast with my little buddy!
^^freezing at dad's soccer game.
^^waiting room at the dr's office to check on baby sis. with her battle wounds she got that morning from falling head first down the front stairs. 
^^air hockey for the win.
^^Bri went shot gun shooting for his first time ever! & LOVED it. (such a city boy..jk)

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  1. Oh my goodness! That picture of Navy with Bri's water bottle, and her concentrating, and her pose on the porch with the gloves. So much cuteness!