biggest fans.

We are Bri's biggest fans. I especially love watching him play soccer. Probably because he loves it so much. We've gone to lots of games before, which is why it was so funny when Nave freaked out because she just wanted Bri--but he was playing. ha, sorry sister. I think it was because she hadn't seen him in a few days. He had woken up early to go to school (before she was up) and had gotten home after she'd gone to bed a few days in a row-and facetime just wasn't cutting it. It was for this reason that we drove down to Provo to watch him play (in the freezing cold!) because neither of us had seen much of him that week. So the poor girl just wanted her dad. 

 ^^she loves wearing hats and gloves.
 ^^i tried to keep her distracted by playing pass, but that only lasted so long.
^^she spent most of the game crying "daaaaad" from the sidelines.
 i love how much she loves him. (even if it hurts my feelings sometimes) :)

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