We didn't go too crazy on either of our Birthday's this year. These days we just love having a night together (since it rarely happens!--and not just because of kids, but because of grad school/thesis writing.) But Brian being the angel that he is didn't even go to school at all on my birthday and it was the greatest having him around. He took me shopping for a birthday present in the morning & then I had a hair appointment that afternoon (that's what my mom's gift was to me.) It was so fun getting pampered and having a few hours to myself--even if I totally had my first hair crisis. I didn't love how it turned out...at all, but I tried not to let it ruin my night. When I got home my parents and Mal surprised me with a little visit + cake. & Then my mother in law came over to stay with Nave while we went to dinner and a movie.(sounds lame, but it's our favorite thing to do!) And of course I didn't even get a picture--that's how you know i'm having a good time, when I forget to document it! (well, and i didn't want to take one because I hated my hair.)

Bri's birthday was really lame. I blame it on having a newborn and him not being able to even celebrate on his birthday. (I hate celebrating birthday's on other days...because it doesn't feel as real? haha i'm weird) SO when I was trying to make plans he told me he probably wasn't going to be home at all on his birthday (it was on a Monday and was a week before finals--basically the busiest time of his life which is why we decided to have our baby a week earlier) SO, we celebrated it the weekend before. Since Shay was so tiny (just four days old) and he knew I probably wouldn't want to take her out he said he just wanted to get take out & watch a movie. I felt bad because usually I try to go all out for his birthday, but I love how easy he is to please. AND like I said, we are big movie people and love doing that together. And he actually ended up getting home early enough on his actual birthday to have dinner with us and open some presents. Cory and McCall ended up stopping by with some cake too, so that was awesome.

opening up his gift from my mom & dad a few days later.

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