We spent thanksgiving with the Petersons in Sandy & even though they live close we slept there so we could put nave to bed and still get some quality hang out time. I went into crazy nesting mode getting ready for the weekend, just because I knew there was a possibility the baby could come while we were there. I made sure all the laundry was done, deep cleaned my house and tried to do all the errands/thing I knew i wouldn't get to after our babe was here. It made for a crazy couple of days--but by wednesday (after brian helped me big time) i finally felt ready to go and we spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing, eating (way too much, but thats the beauty of being pregnant on thanksgiving, right?) and spending time with our fam. It also snowed quite a bit the weekend after-which made it the best. (I am just realizing this year how obsessed I am with the snow. I love it. and the fact that Navy loves it and loves playing in it has made me love it even more.) It was a great weekend!

^Nave and the boys.
^Nave and the girls! i love seeing her with her cousins.
^^she would beg to go outside and play every basically whenever we passed the front door. So I let her, pj's and all.
^thanksgiving family pic. just practicing being a family of four. ha
^^working off all that turkey.
 gingerbread house tradition! Navy did not love it unless the candy was going into her mouth instead of on the house.
 finished product!
^grandma has the best playroom and we spend lots of time up there. 
 ^^everyone wanted to sit in the rocking chair. they had to learn to share. 
 ^just practicing up to have a new babe in a few days.
 ^^it snowed so we had to go out and play in it. she couldn't even wait until after breakfast.
 ^nave and grandpa jim!
^I was starting to get nervous about losing my one on one time with nave with the baby coming, so I spent the weekend trying to soak in all the play time with her without having to worry about doing anything around the house.
^^all the big grandkids (just missing baby kate) with their milk (and soon to be popcorn) ready to watch a movie. The adults were heading to the Messiah Sing along and Aunt Kirstin was in charge of the kids. Lisa knew they would all fight over the one chair she had like this all weekend, so she bought four just for them. best grandma ever!

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