November day to day.

^^obsessed with hats and wanted to wear mom's beanie.
^reading time has turned into nave reading to ME. 
^way too cold to eat breakfast without your hat.
^^had to document the first week she stayed in nursery without us!! hallelujah!

^some morning snuggles.
^^jane and nave found grandma's shoes.
^^i had to document this. when we go to my mom's house and i forget to pack pajamas this is what we put nave in to sleep. it's one of my sisters shirts--we just fasten up the back with an elastic. she LOVES it. 
^practicing before singing in sacrament meeting with his dad, grandpa & brother.
i tried not to do this very often (because it wasn't easy on the wallet) BUT there were some days that were sooo long while brian was at school all day and all night. Nave and I just needed to get out of the house--so we'd go get some dinner and do some shopping. 
^^one morning that I woke her up too early to go to a dr appointment. she was a gem, as usual. this was our quick breakfast before we had to head out. 
^^visiting dad on campus.
^^the day we discovered coloring. she spent an hour and a half doing it. it was amazing.
^^another day. another coloring session.
^^bedtime stories.
^^finished nursery!
^^her favorite thing to do at Grandma Lisa's house. 
tea party with dad & her stuffed animals. when you have church at 1 pm you have to get creative to entertain all morning. 
^^my child is almost two and this was her first ice cream cone! #momfail
^^ains came into town and we went out to dinner (of course I didn't get a pick with her-i'm the worst) we love this little third wheel of ours!
^^lots of times she'd fall asleep in the car on the way home from my dr appointments. thankfully she transfers easily! 
^^but this day I decided to keep snuggling her.
^^and then stared at her while she slept. (can you tell I was getting all sentimental and sad about her not being my baby anymore.) 
^^matt was in Utah and stopped by for a quick visit. he is the best at playing with the ninas.
^^this was the day I decided to get induced THE NEXT DAY. i was sort of freaking out that it was my last day with Navy, and basically let her do/have whatever she wanted. 

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