Doctor visits.

Navy was such an angel for every single one of my Dr appointments. I would schedule them as early as I could (because my DR has a tendency to run behind later in the day and I didn't want to have to wait.) which meant sometimes I would have to wake her up early to get her ready, she'd eat breakfast in the car and we'd be back in time for lunch & nap time. (my dr's office is about 25 minutes away from our new house) But she always totally entertained herself. We'd read books and play with the toys in the office. When the Dr would come in she would just sit nicely on the chair while he checked things out. And then we'd be on our way. I got super lucky with this little lady. She is my best little sidekick.

^dr young let her be in charge of this paper one visit. she was so excited if you couldn't tell. :)
 ^^she loved this little seat that was just her size.

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