First week at home.

My grandpa & grandma coltrin were in town the day we came home from the hospital & they stopped by to see us! I was so glad they got to meet Shay when she was so new.
two of my very favorite people. i will cherish these pictures forever.
 ^^first day at home-taking a snooze.
 ^^so tiny on that big bed. this was the only place i could lay her that felt safe, because nave can't get up there herself. :)
 nave asked to hold her about every other second those first couple of days. my favorite is how she would always put a hand on her head and a hand on her belly and rub. so cute.

^my mom stayed our first night home with us. & the next day she put up our tree and ALL of our christmas decorations for me. thank goodness, because i'm not sure when it would have gotten done.
 ^^matt drove down friday to meet shay.

 ^^jaundiced babe.
 ^^since girlfriend had some high bilirubin levels so we took her to get them checked at the hospital EVERY morning. thankfully Bri was around the first couple of mornings, and one of us would stay with Nave while the other one took shay to the hospital.
 ^when shea wasn't being held (which wasn't very often!) this is where she'd hang out.
 ^a pretty good shot of how yellow she was. dang jaundice!
 ^^Grandpa Eddie & Grandma Win came to visit shay on Sunday.
 ^^Sunday was also the day we found out she had to go under the lights for her jaundice. She had to be on them 24/7. the only time you could take her off is to eat and for diaper changes. it was pretty sad for this mama. :(
 getting her blood drawn...for the millionth time. she had so many holes in her little feet.
^^i was worried about having shay on the floor where nave could reach her, but she was SO GOOD. and would occasionally just give her a little kiss.
 ^^one night i was in the kitchen making dinner and heard nave talking--i peeked over to see her reading to shay. i aboud died. she did this a lot while Shay was on the lights.
 ^^Nave was pretty concerned when Shay had to get her blood drawn.
^^she didn't have her eyes open very often--but when she did I tried to capture it.

 ^^one week old & this is the day we found out her levels had gone down enough that she was able to get off the lights in the afternoon. yay!

Lis packed up her girls and they drove down just to meet little Shay. & then went back that same night. I was so glad they came, i'm so glad my girlies have these cute little cousins. 

 ^^mitch & kelsie brought us dinner & ruby had to check shay out. 

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