New Normal.

I got thrown into the whole mothering of two thing pretty quickly. My mom stayed the first night with us & Bri was there through the weekend, but had to go back to school the next week since it was finals week & was gone basically ALL day because he had SO much to do. I was kind of terrified to be on my own, but thankfully nave did MUCH better once everyone had left and it was just us. She wasn't terrible but threw a few tantrums when everyone was around. And my mother in law saved the day time and time again. She would call me just about every morning and ask me what she could do, Usually she just came over to entertain Nave, or hold the baby so I could entertain Nave, or she'd take Nave with her for the morning/afternoon. She brought us dinner & even met me in the Wal-Mart parking lot one day so that I didn't have to take both the girls in there to go grab the stuff I needed. Which was so great.

The hardest part for me is being cooped up at home. I was so tempted to go to all of the christmas parties and family things going on, but I was pretty good and we tried to stay home for the first 2.5 weeks.

here are a few pictures from week two at home with our new fam of FOUR. and a picture overload of sleepy shay. :)

we tackled our first outing with me and the girls by myself. we went down to the dr for shay's 2 week appointment. the top picture kills me because shay looks huge compared to navy. haha. 
^^lining up for diaper changes. 

^^i hardly have any pictures of shay with her eyes open from those first few weeks, but here's one!

^^we had to get creative with our daily activities since she was used to doing a little outing once a day-and we basically didn't go anywhere at all for 2-3 weeks.

i was tired of being cooped up and basically begged brian to take us out. ha. so we did a little family date night and went to dinner & finished up our christmas shopping. it would have been much easier to stay home, but it was so good to get out.
^^giant christmas tree.
^^bundled up shay.
^^when nave wanted some snuggle time she would always lay on shay's legs. 

family outing number two. we decided to skip the crowds at the temple lights this year and just went down the road to draper park to see the 'tree of life' tree. it was pretty amazing.

i realize i took way too many pictures of her sleeping.
^^another rare occasion that her eyes were open!
^^getting in some play time with my girl.
i finally got brave enough to give shay a bath by myself. i don't know why i was so nervous, but nothing like a freshly bathed babe!
^^nave was a really good helper, of course.
^^always wants to hold shay, it lasts for about 30 seconds then she's off. :)
^^i think i'll keep having babies in the winter because i'll never get over a newborn in a beanie.

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  1. What a treat! I just read from Thanksgiving to this post, including Shay's birth. Thank you for taking the time to post so many pictures and comments. I enjoyed every one of them!