December was kind of a blur honestly. I know it was really good, and we did a lot of fun things--but besides doing stuff with family (and close friends) we didn't get out much because of how new Shay was. Navy getting RSV as a newborn was still pretty engrained in me...and so I was a lot more careful than I maybe needed to be. :) Thankfully after Brian finished finals he was around to take Nave to do things & entertain her a little bit. He took her to the ward party because, of course, I wanted her to sit on santa's lap. It killed me a little bit inside that I couldn't bet there. And i thought that it for sure wouldn't go well (she's not a fan of strangers) BUT surprisingly she did pretty good. Brian said she kind of liked him (although it doesn't really look like it in the photo below) but she got a candy cane and LOVED it!

11:00 church is amazing & making muffins for breakfast on sunday mornings has become our new favorite thing. It was so nice to spend the morning as a family & then I would send Brian and Nave off to church and Shay and I would get some much needed rest. :)

I was so tempted to go to church with these two on the sunday before christmas (my favorite!) but decided to stay home another week with Shay. 
^^my cute girl in her chirstmas dress.

We went over to the Peterson's to celebrate Christmas early, since we were spending christmas up in Heber with my family. They spoil us rotten, and Nave was in absolute heaven!
cutest baby doll from grandma!

We also went to visit Jim & Helen before Christmas since we weren't going to be able to go to their house on Christmas day! (and so they could meet Shay)
^^loving her new chair grandpa Jim made her!

 We discovered this winter that Nave LOVES playing in the snow. She begged us to go outside anytime it was snowing or she could see snow on the ground. About a week before christmas we got a TON of snow so she went outside with dad to help shovel the driveway.

we couldn't stay away from our sunday night get togethers with the peterson's for very much longer--this was one of the first times i decided to take shay out & figured it was okay because it was just family. 
^^navy loves the dry erase board at grandma's!

^^we took some pictures for a matching game that Lis was making for my mom and dad. This was my favorite one. 
^^ annual Christmas Crafts with Stef!

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