We had an awesome week with my fam over christmas. It was so fun to be together. We headed up to Heber Tuesday night and stayed until Sunday. Tuesday night we went and saw the play Beauty and the Beast that they were putting on in midway. Navy spent the whole time saying very loudly "she's sad...." anytime she thought someone was sad, which was basically the whole play. :) Wednesday we left the girls with grandma and went Ice skating. It was nice to be kidless for a couple of hours--hadn't experienced that in a few weeks! Trae and Lis got there with grandma and grandpa Coltrin thursday and the rest of the week we did all our favorite Christmas traditions. (and i'll let the pictures do most of the talking.) It was a really good week.

^helping grandma with breakfast. we eat amazing anytime we spend time at my house because my mom takes such good care of us. so grateful for her!
after this holiday season with a newborn in our house i'm convinced that's when all the babies should be born. it made it so special to have her.
^^Shay was kind of having a hard time sleeping this week....SOOO i didn't get a ton of sleep & she ended up in our bed more often than not. because of course she'd fall asleep as long as she was as close to me as possible. hey, i'll take it.
^snoozin with her great grandpa.
 ^^best aunts right there!
chirstmas eve snooze!
 ^^just doin what she does best. playing with the tree ornaments. :)
 ^^don't mind the phone screenshot. had to capture this rom a video i took. matt is the funnest uncle!
 ^angel & lamb!
 ^shay was the cutest baby jesus.
 candybar game!

I never even imagined how fun it would be to be santa claus. i LOVE everything about it--i had had my christmas shopping done by the beginning of November, because I knew i wouldn't want to be worrying about it after shay came. SO, it was fun to get it all out and set it up. I can't even imagine how much better it is when your kid actually know whats going on.
 ^^christmas morning.
^the kitchen was a big hit.
 ^and shay really loved all of her stuff too. ;)
^^after doing santa downstairs we went upstairs to open the gifts from under the tree.
^^santa claus was TIRED.
^^not very often that she was awake. so i had to document it!
 ^^i'm so glad my grandpa & grandma were able to come spend christmas with us! this is grandpa sporting his new BYU hat from all the grandkids.
 braved the snow and freezing cold for an annual christmas day family pic. always worth it. :)
 ^^everyone was home the whole week except for Drew. He flew in christmas night at about 6 pm and stayed for 24 hours. So the whole fam drove to the airport to pick him up. it was so fun waiting for him to get off the plane all together.
 ^^this girl LOVES her poppa. (as she calls him.)
 ^^meeting uncle drew!
 ^^everyone wanted to hold sleepy shay.
^^Bri took nave sledding with everyone. They had quite the crash, but she still had fun playing in the snow.
Nave's first time bowling. she was a fan.
 ^^shay's first time at church really wore her out.
 everyone loves aunt mal!

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas! I agree, there's something about a baby at Christmas time that makes everything a little more special.