One month old Shay.

-is the gassiest baby. she toots all day long. and sometimes gets uncomfortable and cries because of it, but we can usually comfort her.
-loves her binky.
-is such a little snuggler. she especially loves when my face is touching her face.
-loves when you sing to her
-puts up with navy putting her binky in and then pulling it out all day.
-gives me a good 6 hour stretch of sleep at night.
-i swear she sleeps way more than navy did during the day (but maybe i just forgot?) either way, she sleeps a lot.
-is most comfortable when her hands are up by her face and it's the cutest thing. we quickly realized that meant she doesn't like to be swaddled
-still sleeping on her back
-is the perfect little angel in her car seat. she still has yet to cry while she's in there.
-is a great little eater & an awesome burper too. :)

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