Shay's blessing day.

We blessed Shay on January 24th. It was such a great day & we are so thankful for family and friends who came to support us! We had lunch after church at the Peterson's (our townhouse isn't quite big enough to host both of our families.) & we had a great time being around those closest to us. I won't forget that all day I kept thinking about how Shay is so loved by so many people and I hope she always knows it. & I also probably won't forget my dad tripping on the Peterson's front stairs while carrying a pan of lasagna. The pan shattered and the lasagna went EVERYWHERE. (this was after i was worried about not having enough lasagna for everyone.) ha, it was pretty funny/horrible. :)

 ^^fast asleep in sacrament before she went up to get blessed.
^the only great picture i got of her dress. in the mothers lounge on the changing table. ha.
^^brian's grandpa jim was also in the circle.

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