The rest of our hospital stay..

All of Brian's siblings made the drive to come see Shay Tuesday night. & They all came around the same time so it was like a mini family party. :)

Cory & McCall were there too! (no picture)

DAY 2 (wednesday)
Grandma brought Nave back for a second visit in the morning. I was so glad to see her again (I didn't realize how much I'd miss her!)
she was still very much in love.
I have a picture like this of me and nave in the hospital. (a shameless selfie) but I still love that picture! Nothing like the no-makeup, slicked back pony, exhausted look. But at the same time you're just sooo happy!
^^Stef & Cody getting some Shay snuggles. Marg & Rachel also came to visit (rachel came twice!) and of course i didn't get pictures.

DAY 3. (thursday) 

We spent the morning getting ready to go home & left the hospital around 1:00.
^^ready to go home.

 I can't imagine doing this parenting thing with anyone else. There is nothing like watching this guy with his girls (because he is so dang good at it!) He also waited on me hand and foot at the hospital. I am so lucky to have him!
^^headed home! she didn't make a peep when we put her in her car seat--or the whole way home. 

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