Visitors + Navy meeting Shay.

I LOVE the hospital stay after having a baby. I love everything about it--having someone take care of you and wait on you hand and foot, all the visitors, and being able to spend some quality time with the hubby+new baby with basically no distractions isn't bad either.  It's just nice to be in good hands for a couple of days when you have this tiny little new person that you have to take care of. (and sending the babe to the nursery so you can get a few hours of zzzz's rather than spending the whole night worrying that they're going to stop breathing or something! am i right??) Our hospital wants you to stay for 48 hours from the time you deliver--so we stayed until Thursday afternoon. (We did end up leaving a little early because we missed our Navy!) 

We had lots of visitors the first day (the bonus of living close to so much family!)

Morg, Mal and my dad stopped by first. 

After that Grandma & Grandpa Peterson & Kirstin came and brought Navy to meet her new little sister! 

I will never forget how giggly+smiley she was the whole time. It was so cute. 

 ^^all the heart eyes!
 ^family of four!
 ^^nave was so over the pictures by this point. (if you can't tell, haha)
^^we gaver her a little present from her baby sister. backpack full of books & stuff to color with for the win!
^^she was ready to take her home with her.

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