january day to day.

Most of our January was spent at home because I figured out that going out with two babies was a LOT more work than going out with just Nave. Bri started work that first Monday after the New Year and that was exciting! This post has waaay too many pictures. I may have gone a little crazy with the pictures of Shay--but i didn't want to feel like I took waaaay less pictures of her as a newborn than i did with Navy. because that always happens with the second child, right? Anyway, normally I would try to break it up a little bit--but i got lazy. So here is our January in one post!

We decided to take advantage of the few days Bri had off before starting work and potty train Nave! We did this 3 day potty training program that basically required someone to be watching the trainee the whole time they are awake--and then run them to the potty once they start going (or show signs that they are about to go) sounds a little crazy and it definitely was the first day. (40 ish accidents and only one success in the toilet.) but the second day she only had 2 accidents soooo we'll call it a success. She actually did really well, but I was so glad Brian was there to help.

^always peeking in on her baby sis.
^^this is the view in the crib--those cheeks are to die for.
 ^dad putting on her big girl undies and her crown. a must while potty training. :) our townhouse doesn't have a bathroom downstairs so we stayed upstairs all day. we even ate breakfast lunch & dinner up there. :) it was a disaster at the end of each day with all of the stuff we used to keep her busy all day. 
^she had her drinking something all day long so that she would go potty as many times as possible.
 ^shay slept through most of the action.
^a favorite scene of mine. he is seriously the best dad.
^and another shot of sleeping shay. besides the breaks that i had to take to feed shay during the potty training process (which is why it was amazing to have brian to take over then) i think it was a good choice to do it while she was so little because she just snoozed most of the time which let us focus mostly on navy.

^^a late night/early morning chat with dad.

new years eve
^^Mike & Allie were in town with their girls and went CLEAR out of their way to stop by for a quick visit. look at us and our FOUR girls. who would have thought. she'll always be one of my favorites.
Brians new years resolution for 2015 was no soda. & he made it! This was his first sip right at midnight!
^all partied out.
^^new years eve smooch.

 ^^guess who had the most fun in the lego room. 
 ^^i clearly have way too many sleeping pictures of this little lady. actually-i take that back, i don't think you can take too many pictures of your newborn. 
 ^^heaven. also a perfect depiction of the first couple of months with a new baby. no makeup, a ponytail with a hat (because who has time to do their hair?!) and sweats, because you don't fit back into your real clothes yet. 
 ^^sometimes i feel like a third wheel with these two.
 ^^late night partying!
 ^this was my favorite thing she did. she was constantly peeking in on shay. (a classy snapchat picture)
^^sometimes the only time bri would get any good quality time with this little lady was laaate. stupid thesis.
 ^^this girl laid by me in the morning A LOT (trying to squeeze any extra sleep i could, i was SO TIRED.)
 ^^lunchtime shenanigans
 poor girl, i had to set her down on the floor all the time and run to take navy to the bathroom. 

 ^^way too much help. and of course shay got some water straight in the face.
 too much cuteness.
 her jones family ball bash shirt is her FAVORITE. requests it as pjs every night.
 little miss independent who has to brush her own teeth.
 ^^girlfriend grew out of newborn clothes way too fast.
^^feeding her baby. i guess it was bound to happen eventually...
 ^^she loved it when shay would lay by her during books and songs.
 ^^navy wouldn't really get jealous when i would hold shay--but she did every time brian would--this is a post freak out so brian held them both.
 ^^i had to document this--she loved putting her face on my face.
like i said, her favorite place to be.
 ^^wal mart came out with grocery pick-up basically right around when shay was born (hallelujah) but i would usually go get my produce somewhere else. this was one of my first times doing that with BOTH kids in tow--thank goodness for this car. 

One of our many nights solo (while brian was writing) we hung out in the bathroom because navy kept telling me over and over that she needed to go potty. the joys of potty training.

^i would feed this girl in our bed in the early mornings since brian was already gone and there was plenty of room--so she usually slept right here until around 10 :)
 ^^this girl LOVED the mamaroo--sometimes it was the only place she would fall asleep.
^^i left shay for a couple of hours with my mom so i could get some one on one swim time with this girl.
grandmpa & nave's favorite thing to do together--watch songs on youtube. :)
 ^^snoozin with uncle drew.
 watching a show.
 ^not pants, her boots, a show & a snack--no wonder she loves grandma's.
 ^we went to my post op dr appointment, both the girls well checks & two dr visits for sick girls (really bad colds & ear infections) all in ONE week. we basically lived in the waiting room/dr office and this girl was a jem. this was also the first day she started calling herself "nanny." 
 ^always wants to help.
 ^this adorable sleeping picture brought to you by an 18 hour  work day followed by a 20 hour day. on his second week of his big boy job. thankfully it didn't scare him away. 
 iphone. check. ipad. check. glasses. check.
 this is what exercising with a toddler looks like. 
^post exercise smoothies.
^^i documented this because this was my first disaster grocery run. ha, i guess it wasn't that bad but i felt like a hot mess! i mostly  just remember that i had to ask a nice lady to buckle up my ergo-carrier. because i couldn't reach. ha.
^^love this girl in a beanie. 

 ^^for the first couple of months with shay navy insisted i carry her down the stairs every time too. i had carried two babies around a lot. :)
 ^^we passed shay around while bowling, but she was sick of it and by then end i ended up keeping her and bowling while holding her (she's fast asleep in this picture) i bowled a couple of strikes with her in my arms. 
 ^navy girl loves to bowl.
^brian bowled a 209--his new high score!
 ^^love these friends of mine! we were trying to take advantage of our last couple of months together before marg and stef moved across the country!

 ^^my mom wanted me to go up & snowboard with mal for a day since she hadn't done it in a year and wanted me to help her get more comfortable--brian is clearly the teacher of choice, but since he works all day i'm the second option. :) i couldn't pass up a ski day in park city! so i pumped a bottle for shay and we spent the day up there. when we were getting ready to leave that morning and i put my beanie on nave insisted that her and shay also needed to wear their hats. i'm do glad my dad documented it, it's one of my favorite pictures. 
 ^^my sisters and their best friends, i hang out with these high schoolers more than i'd like to admit.
 ^^my dad is home a lot more these days & him and nave are besties now.
 ^^she took a bottle like a champ & i missed her more than she missed me!
 ^^she wasn't awake very often her first couple of months of life--so i always documented it when she was!
 ^^i don't even understand how people don't take a million pictures of their sleeping kids.
 ^provo city center temple open house. this temple will always have a special place in our hearts because it was right across the street from our apartment in provo. we LIVED through that construction. i can't even tell you how many morning i woke up to the loudest BANGING because they had to do a lot of work on the road right outside out window to do all the piping and stuff & there was ALWAYS construction on that road (annoying) but we tried not to be annoyed since we knew it was for the new temple. we walked by it so many times on our daily walks/runs & would usually walk over there and look at it on our sunday walks. anyway of course it opens right as we move away! it was fun to see it finished though. Nave loves temples & loves "moni." she also wore her gloves through the whole open house--which worked out since she wanted to touch everything.
 ^^not sure who has more fun making "tow tows" aka towers.
 ^^girlfriend spent so many hours in the swing!
 ^^she asks me to hold shay a million times a day.

 ^^little shopper. 
 ^^she loves fhe.
 ^^had to document their first bath together!
 ^^i remember thinking she looked so big here.
 ^can't resist matching sisters!
 ^when you're the worlds most tired baby you can fall asleep in any position.
 ^our favorite thing about 9 am church is a family sunday nap!
 ^^my new years resolution was to make dinner every night except one during the week. these were my little dinner helpers. 
^^this girl got her first haircut--it was a lot harder than i thought, but after i wish i would have done it a lot sooner--it made her  hair look a lot less mullet-ish. :)

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  1. Loved all the pictures! Two shout outs. First, congratulations on the potty training. I think I still have PTSD from the first two kids. And second, how amazing is it that you bowled a strike while holding Shay?! Kudos!