navy's birthday.

We had such great day celebrating our little Nave. I tried to make the day special and different than our normal day to day (aka let her do whatever she wanted.) :) We started out with birthday cereal. I wanted to make her some pancakes with a candle in them, but she LOVES cereal and that's what she wanted for breakfast! She was so cute in her little birthday hat and loved wearing it.

I got her some new bath toys and we opened those and she played in the bath with them forever. We played all day, took a nap and then met dad for dinner at chick-fil-a! & then we ran back home to have some cake & ice cream and open presents with family. My fam was out of town so it was a party with the Peterson's! I love having family close to celebrate things like this together. I tried not to go to crazy but couldn't help doing a few little decorations & attempted making a cake (i need some serious practice!) thankfully she loved it all and loved being the center of attention. (of course!) I kept telling Brian how great of a day it was--i love being a mom, but especially on fun days like this! We are so happy this little lady is in our lives!

^ice cream cone at chick fil a. she kept telling us she was "sick", so this is her sad sick face.
^^her favorite gifts! an elsa dress from mom & dad and hot wheels from grandpa & grandma peterson!
saying thanks by blowing kisses.

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