my two year old.

a few of my favorite things about her/favorite things she does at this age:

-she calls herself nanny
-wants to say the prayers at dinner and the family prayer before bed. usually says "heavenly father, thank you for this day" over and over. :)
-loves to sing
-asks for her sunglasses in the car when the sun is in her eyes and wears them until it's not anymore
-loves to chew gum & i let her because she chews it and then gives it to me when she's done (praying we don't have a bad experience with it)
-if i get after her for something she'll say: "be happy mom!"
-if i have anything on my face (food, or my mascara is running.) she'll say "oh no..." and try to get it off for me.
-potty trained!!
-gets so excited to see anyone in the family: grandma & grandpa, aunts & uncles & her cousins. she usually runs to them giggling when she sees them.
-is still a great eater.
-loves to facetime/talk on the phone with anyone & doesn't let them get a word in.

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