February day to day.

^putting on mama's lipstick. she wasn't super pleased when she looked in the mirror. 
^this is what showering and getting ready looks like these days.
^2 year well check! I thought she looked so cute in this cute little hospital gown.
^2 month well check!
^shotd are hard. 
^breakfast. this little sleeper doesn't get up and going until 10:00-10:30 some days-so sometimes we don't eat breakfast until lunch time.
^loves her sunglasses.
^she started smiling so much, but I cold never catch it on camera-I finally caught a little half smile.
^brian snuck this picture of the three of us.
^snoozing in church. she looked so much like navy to me at this age when she was sleeping. 
^we spent the weekend with Kirst while my in-laws were out of town. The YW went to relief society & Navy wouldn't go to nursery, so we had a party! 
Grandma Lisa gives the best holiday packages-this is us making valentines cookies! 
^exercise buddy. 
^making valentines cards. She kept saying "this is so cutie!"
I've got some good helpers.
^napping during Sunday night games.
^loves the bath! 
^ha. Oops.
it was super warm basically the whole month of February-we spent lots of days outside.
Another bath time pic. 
selfie with my little babe. 
^hanging out at grandmas!
^always getting squished.
Ains came for the weekend & we went to the provo city center open house-nave had to bring her kitty, of course.
dad taught nave to blow bubbles!
^when you don't have a tramp you improvise with an air mattress! I snapped this picture because right before it she said, "I look GOOD today mama."
^looks so comfy, huh?
^our favorite family bathrooms at the outlets. they have a mini potty & a sink & nave loves it!
^dinner with the girls!
^more warm weather=Popsicles outside!
^first time in the bumbo!
^grandpa & grandma jones!
^4 generations!
^grandpa is always up for a show & a nap.
we're sort of obsessed with snapchat over here--that's where this blurry/low quality picture came from. 
^if there is something to be stirred-nave will be there. 

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