sick girl

without fail, we catch some sort of 24 hour stomach bug once a year (usually at the beginning of the year!) & this year was no exception. Bri got it first, followed by Nave and then me. Thankfully Shay seemed to be fine (thank you breastfeeding!!) But it was for sure the hardest for Nave--she threw up way more than I thought a little person every could, and then when nothing would come up would just dry heave over and over. she couldn't keep anything down (including liquids!) i was starting to get worried about her because her lips were so dry, but as soon as they started getting really bad she turned right around and was fine after about 24 hours. Crazy how that works. We spent the day laying low and watching her favorite shows.  

^the only way i could get her to get into the bath after her puking episodes was to let her watch a show (or get in with her--did that a few times too) and you can see that she still wasn't happy about it. and i kept trying to get her to eat (hence, the two smoothies) but i'm not sure why because she just kept throwing it all up.
^^it's the worst when you puke while going to the bathroom. I got super lucky ands he never threw up anywhere that was an awful mess and hard to get out of. Thankfully our whole downstairs is hardwood floor, then she threw up in the bathroom. and all the other times she threw up (on the couch, in her bed) the blanket that was on top of her caught all of it. i also usually knew when she was about to puke--because she would tell me. i got pretty lucky with the cleanup.
lots of shows &  new blankets after puking all over them.
she finally started perking up a little bit that night and brian talked her into eating a few things that stayed down.
she wanted to eat on the floor. you get to do whatever you want when you're sick as a dog.

^^she kept saying "my tummy hurts" over and over. so sad. but so cute.

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  1. Such a sad post. I feel so sorry for sick littles. Glad it was just a 24 hour bug.