April day to day.

These first pictures are from our weekend up in Heber. We went up to watch conference with my family.
staying awake while watching conference is hard.
^a little sunday night cornhole!
^^navy's bed set up at grandma's house. :)

^^can't resist a smile from this girl.

4 month check-up for shaybee!

Nave was so good at the dr & the store that i bought her a treat of her choice. cheetos it is!
^nave's favorite pajamas is her JFBB shirt. one night she put it on for bed and begged brian and i to put ours on too so we could be matching. i had to document it of course.
^shayby through the baby monitor. nave used to sleep just like this.
while playing outside, i found a dead bird under our deck. 
^fort and a movie with daddy.
^bri and navy went out for a walk and on their way back got caught in the rain, but she came home with a flower.
^temple date night.

sunday snuggles.
shay falls asleep on the floor all the time while nave and i are playing.

but she woke up happy!

singing once there was a snowman for fhe with dad, uncle greg & greg's friend spencer

evening walk.

^nave has loved her little wooden puzzles lately.
^not very often does mom let her watch a show + have a snack at the same time.
nothing better than a post bath baby!

nave loves going shopping at traverse mountain because they have potties her size and cornhole in the lob

dad worked late and met us at chic fil a for dinner. i love these picutres of these two, they get so excited to see each other at the end of every day.

^it's always so funny to walk in and see this girl and her sleeping positions.

swimming in provo!

^trying to get this girl to take a bottle from someone other than her mama.

we wen't on a little date to provo to have some ice cream & ride the carousel. 

if one of these two wakes up before i'm ready to be up for the day, but after brian has already left to go to work-they get to come steal dad's spot in bed.

^^rough morning selfie that we sent to dad. :)

napping while shopping.

^^my favorite is when they'll both cuddle with me on the rocking chair.
^this is a different day, but same outfit. (mom life.) ha

^lots of naps happen in the car.
i did lots of hair for prom. :)

trying to get this little chub to like food!

^she loves wearing gloves.
nave loves grandma's swing!

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