Womens Conference + some more fun.

 My mom, Melissa & I wen't to BYU women's conference for two days. It was so great to listen to so many great speakers, and to get a break from my girls for two days. Morg & Mal watched them for me. I was nervous to leave shay because I'd never left her for more than a few hours before and she wouldn't take a bottle. I tried for a few weeks leading up to women's conference, & she would take a bottle from me, but nobody else-she just wasn't having it. my mom convinced me that it would be fine--and that if she was starving she would eat. we went up the day before to do some swimming and then went to morgan's dance recital that night. & while at the recital somehow driggs got shay to take the bottle (of course--mr baby whisperer.) & the next day she took one every time she needed to eat. it was a miracle!


navy LOOOVED watching morgy dance. she talked about it for weeks afterward.
 ^^big girl!
^my dad helped mal watch the girls and i got this picture one of the days. both fast asleep!
 ^^we stayed the night up in heber between womens conference sessions so that i didn't have to drive up and drop my girls off every day.

women's conference was thursday and friday and we stayed saturday too so that i could run a 5k race with the girls + driggs. it was FREEZING, but fun.
and then we did a little swimming with the cousins & the girls got some balloons on the way out the door.
 ^^brian took this sneaky picture of us four--and i kind love it. :)

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity! It's so nice to have family support, and a baby whisperer.