Shay 5 months.

Shay 5 months
-Finally started consistently sleeping an 8 hour stretch at night
-Talks all day long
-After a lot of work will take a bottle from anyone
-When she nurses she eats on both sides now
-Loves rice cereal-hesitant the first time but gobbled it up the second
-Rolls both ways all the time
-Loves when navy talks/plays with her
-Can hold up toys and eat them
-Eczema starting to go away
-Started spitting up  (not often, but I'm not a fan)
-Doesn't eat quite as fast because she has to stop eating to chat with me
-Chews her bottom lip
-Doesn't cry often but let's us know when she doesn't like something by sort of doing a whine talk 😂😂

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