Brian's Graduation.

Even though Brian doesn't technically graduate or get his diploma until August (since he's still working on his Thesis.) We realized he wasn't going to be here to graduate in August and since BYU doesn't have a graduation ceremony in December he walked now (so he didn't have to do it a year from now.) He's so close to being done with his thesis, he'll defend it at the end of June and then have a few mores weeks to finish his thesis & then we'll be done with school forever, which is so crazy to think about.

I wasn't expecting to be as emotional as I was. Brian acted like it wasn't a big deal since he isn't technically done yet, but being the good wife that I am i couldn't NOT make it a big deal. Graduating is HUGE, and graduating with a masters is a big deal. It is just good to see all of his hard work recognized.

Brian's took the day off of work and we headed down to provo for the day. His parent's couldn't make it to the ceremony, but my mom and dad were able to come down for it. (thank goodness--because i'm sure me + the girls during the way too loooong ceremony would have been a nightmare. it was a breeze with grandma and grandpa there though.) After graduation we celebrated with lunch at one of Bri's favorite places--Outback. It was a good day!

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  1. I'm so glad he walked. John and I didn't, and we both wish we would have. And now it's almost August! Hope his defense in June went well.