sister, sister.

These two have really started to interact and entertain each other & it has been so fun to watch. Nave loves to help me with Shay. A lot of times while i'm trying to get something done (usually dinner) and Shay wants some attention i'll just put her next to Navy in her swing or her bouncer and Navy's constant chatting keeps her happy. 
navy begged me to let her feed shay, i finally gave in and i was pleasantly surprised at what a good job she did.
Navy is super into puzzles and i am usually pretty good at putting shay in her swing or bouncer and putting it next to us, but a lot of times i just lay her on the floor. & sometimes we'll look over and she'll be fast asleep. 

I think my favorite part of the day is the morning with my girls. If shay wakes up first, we wait for Navy to wake up and then go snuggle/hangout in her bed. But if Nave wakes up first she patiently waits for shay to wake up (and keeps peeking through the door to check) as soon as shay's awake she'll say "Shay awake! I go get her!" and then runs into her room and begs me to put her in her crib. & you'd think they hadn't seen each other for months by how excited they get when they first see each other in the morning. it's my favorite.
^^chatting while i make dinner.
she asks "i hold shay mama??" a million times a day.
^more entertainment while i cook.
^^they make me so happy!

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  1. How nice to have a sister who just loves you SO much?! And that both of these cute girls can say that?