Shay four months.

Our Shay at four months:
-doesn't mind that nave is constantly in her face/kissing her
-Still really loves bath time
-rolls from her belly to her back usually when she wakes up
-loves tummy time
-will snuggle with her mama (let's me hold her like a baby) and will just look up and talk to me while I do it
-Is a full blown thumb sucker--usually has her right hand in her mouth with her left hand holding it up
-Always chewing on her hands
-Is the fastest eater. As of right now she is only eating 4-5 minutes on ONE side and then she's done
-eats every 3 hours
-has some killer eczema all over :( the Dr says it's mild and it will go away on it's own
-has a stye on her eyelid (which he also isn't worried about--and says it will go away with time.)

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  1. She just gets more and more adorable!