march day to day.

^^Nave has fallen out of her toddler bed once (it was the first week she was in it and it wasn't a big deal because we still had an air mattress next to it that she landed on.) But for some reason she fell out a few nights in a row. She has a little wooden rocking chair and the second night she bumped her lip on it and there was blood everywhere. Her lip was HUGE right after it happened, so i was surprised at how not huge it was the next morning, but I had to snap a picture.
 ^saturday morning breakfast making with dad.
 ^Saturday walk with Cory & McCall & Otis. (nave loves walking him, even if she doesn't love him.)
 ^first time sitting up like a big girl in the stroller.
 ^^i thought it was so cute when rhett asked me if he could hold shay. :)
 ^^she's growing out of her clothes way too fast for my liking.
^^just calling everyone she knew one morning. her crossed leg and facial expressions were killing me.
 ^^we love smiths for the free fruit for kids! (and shopping with our stroller means only being able to get what fits in the basket.) 
 ^^when your baby just wants to be held all day, but you've got things to do!
 ^^dinner and a movie! just trying to be a fun mom.
 ^^she thought this was hilarious.
 ^^big girl in her bumbo!
 ^evening walk to the neighborhood park!
 ^^Navy's set up while I shower and get ready.
 ^daylight savings is hard! (especially when you have 9 o clock church!)
 ^^cute girl in a big girl seat before church!
 ^^early morning rocking chair cuddles.
^^nave begged me to put her in the bouncer--but she's got some growing to do.
 making homemade jam with grandma peterson!
 took shay to a BYU basketball game. she falls asleep anywhere (and usually pretty quickly too) so we thought she'd be fine, but instead she CRIED/SCREAMED basically the whole time. It was the first time she's ever done that and we didn't know what do to/what was wrong with her. So i just walked the halls with her the whole time. She finally fell asleep at the end and I was able to watch the last quarter. 
 ^^this girl loves a good sandwich! just like her mama.

We took a weekend trip to Idaho to visit the Driscoll's and Ainsley. We also met up with Matt for some breakfast!
 Shay & Noelle are only a few weeks apart.
^watching basketball with their babies.

 ^grandpas are the best!
 ^first time in the high chair!

Easter party at Great Grandpa Eddie & Grandma Win's.
 ^^of course she wanted ALL of her eggs dyed pink!
 ^^we've had a LOOOOT of nights that it's just the three of us (dad is either writing, or in bed to wake up early to write.) thankfully these girls are good for me!
 just snapping some pictures!
 ^^she takes brian's spot in bed when he leaves. 

 bathing beauties.
^^asks if she can wear a dress EVERY. DAY.
 ^big sister duties.
 bundled up for a chilly walk.
 ^^since brian is gone so early--i usually pull this lady into bed with me for her early morning feeding and then let her stay. so this is my morning view. :)
^^no time to do my hair with two kids--so i mostly wear hats.
 ^^grocery shopping! when shay's carseat fills up the whole cart-navy gets squished!
 ^^she's a full blown thumb sucker.
 ^stirring her mac & cheese. (fav food as of late)
 a sleeping baby is my favorite view.
 ^nothing she loves more than wearing every ones shoes.
 ^^all situated for mama to read some books to them.
 ^^a get together before stef and margy move away!

 a visit from uncle dave!
i've always got a lap full of babies.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I could not get enough of those two girls. You caught some major adorableness!